Monday, April 28, 2014

T-minus one week...

If all goes as planned, we (all three of us!) will arrive in Colorado one week from tomorrow. A week or so after that, Otis will finally begin his new treatment. 

I am not expecting this to be Otis's miracle treatment--these past few years have taught us some big lessons about the consequences (heartbreaking disappointment) of high expectations. However, I am very very hopeful that Otis too will soon be able to have an occasional seizure-free day, take his first steps, and call for his mama and daddy like this sweet little girl and so many other kiddos who are receiving a new chance at life from this medicine.


Anonymous said...

The best of luck to the three of you! I will miss you very very much. And by the way, the picture is adorable :)

Emma Fernandez

Anonymous said...

So excited for all of you and can't wait to hear updates. Sure miss seeing Otis in therapy. He was a highlight in my day!!

Lynne Mersch