Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

No cast...pretty legs!
Hello Beautiful People!

Points of Interest:

1. Otis got his cast off about three weeks ago!  He is still a little stiff, but getting better every day!

2. He is officially off the ketogenic diet!  No more weighing out every meal and making sure he gets every drop of each meal!  It is wonderful offering Otis what we are eating and letting him explore food on his tray...and watching him make a mess in the process!  He really likes crunchy stuff! :)

Eating Bread for the first time!

3. Our house...we'll miss was a great first home...but it has been sold!  We close May 15.  Thanks Debbie and the Stephens group! (and Cousin Jaime for helping us pack)   

4. Taylor and I went out to CO last week and after two days of driving all over Colorado Springs we found a one bedroom apt in Manitou Springs that is month to month.  (A BIG thanks to Taylor for helping with the search and both The Stephens and The Magie Clan for putting us up!)  
We are moving out to our new home in two weeks.  Hoping to arrive May 5 or 6.  

5. Kathy will be joining us!  Not that she needed it, but Kathy now has another reason to like her job. They have been sooo supportive from the start and now are really stepping up to allow her to work remotely.  She will still be back in Lawrence from time to time, but will be out in CO working from our new place the majority of the time! (Which brings me to a tangent...the press, which has been helpful getting this issue some attention, has repeatedly reported that Kathy is staying at her job in order to keep our insurance.  Insurance is good and all...but the bigger truth is that Kathy really enjoys her job and the people with whom she works.  When she started six and a half years ago, I don't think that Kathy envisioned herself staying in collegiate administration for very long, but the truth is she has become a part of the university and joined a group of people who form a community of support and love.  She enjoys her job and the people she works with...and from what I've witnessed they're pretty fond of her, too.)

6. Otis will begin treatment of Charlotte's Web shortly after we arrive in Colorado as opposed to October!  

So although life seems rushed and crazy and unorganized and up in the's also pretty dang beautiful.  

We are flooded with so many emotions (sometimes on a moment to moment basis) but thanks to our family, friends, and faith we feel blessed and hopeful.

Thank you so much for your continued love and prayers.  


Oh and here's the latest article from the KC Star

Happy Easter!

p.s. We have also recently updated O's ever-evolving diagnosis information, here

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Kira James said...

Happy Easter! Great news all around! Crunchy bread, no cast, meds before Oct, job flexibility, house sold, .... woohooo! Although I wish that you three could stay in Kansas ... we all welcome you here with lots and lots of love. And we will all be ready to offer your extended family places to stay anytime they visit. Manitou Springs is a beautiful place to live with such a warm, friendly vibe. Welcome to Colorado and to the next chapter of your adventures.